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The Toledo District Golf Association Course Rating Services

The USGA requires that authorized golf associations periodically rate the courses within their domains in orger to establish current Slope and Course Rating numbers. In general, courses should be rated at least once every 10 years. Newer courses, which are typically subject to more change, might be rated every two to three years until they become established. Significant changes to courses can also generate a need for reevaluation, although the entire course might not need to be rated again.

The TDGA provides course rating services to its member and associate member clubs at no charge. Our team of volunteers is led by staff members Tod Burhans and Marianne Reece, who attend and conduct annual course rating seminars to insure the team follows USGA best practices.

Course Rating Documents

Courses Scheduled for Rating in 2020

Typically the TDGA rates 6-8 courses per year. 2020 might see a few more.

Club Name Rating Date
Toledo Country Club (Calibration Training) May 19, 2020 9:30 AM
Hillcrest Golf Club TBD
Hidden Creek Golf Club TBD
Bluffton Golf Club TBD
Louden Meadows Golf Club TBD
Lincoln Hills Golf Club TBD
Oak Harbor Golf Club TBD
Eagle'sLanding Golf Club TBD
Crosswinds Golf Club TBD
Catawba Island Club TBD
Sawmill Creek Golf Club TBD
Chippewa Golf Club TBD
Moose Landing Country Club TBD
Hills of Lenawee Golf Club TBD
Detwiler Golf Club TBD
Celina Lynx Golf Club TBD

The Toledo District Golf Association Course Rating Members

Date Started Name Date Started Name Date Started Name
1994 Ms. Barb Hipsher 1995 Mrs. Marianne Reece 1995 Mrs. Luann Alleman
1995 Mr. Paul Blood 2004 Mrs. Connie Kemp 2005 Ms. Sue Kolinksi
2006 Mr. Al Kares 2011 Mr. John Byerly 2013 Mr. Tod Burhans
2015 Mr. Jim Petot 2015 Ms. Nancy Negrini 2016 Mr. Dave Pifer
2017 Ms. Fran Lyons 2017 Mr. Scott Gearig 2017 Mr. Fred Zietler
2017 Mr. Bill Musial 2018 Mr. Ted Bergner 2018 Mr. Rob Gilmer
2019 Ms. Annette Haskins 2019 Ms. Cathy Happel 2019 Mr. Jim Weigand
2019 Mr. John Katafiasz

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