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If I sign up for a Silver, Gold, or Blue Membership, do my playing partners need to be a member of one of the clubs?

No, you may take relatives, co-workers, or business associates to play. However, you as the VIP holder, must be present and play with the others – except for the Blue Membership, in that case, one of the two spouses must be present to play with the other three.

Can I use the VIP Card to play my home course?

No, you cannot use the card to play your home course or to bring guests to your home course with any of these memberships.

If I have a single membership, do other players in my group need to be VIP members to get the VIP cart fee only rate?

Yes, all players must be VIP members unless you have a Silver (you can bring one guest) or a Gold (you can bring three guests) or a Blue (one or the other of the spouses can bring three guests.) The other players can still pay the guest green fees and cart fee if the club will allow this

Are the cards transferable to other players?


Are Cart Fees Per Person?


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