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Tournament Signup Deadlines Changed

Effective immediately, Signups for Tournament Play will close at 6:00 PM Friday preceeding the event in order to give us a little more time to work on pairing and tee time requests. You should expect that pairings and tee times will be published by noon or 1:00 PM on the Monday preceeding the event.

Tournament Pairing Requests:

The TDGA does is best to honor tournament pairing requests, on a first come, first serve basis. To make sure your request is considered, please enter your request into the Paring Preferences section on the Tournament Registration page for the event you are signing up for. This makes it more likely your request will be honored because it allows us to work from a single source, as opposed to email, text and phone calls to everybody in the office.

When do we make Pairings?

Pairings cannot be made until Tournament Signups close. Signups typically close the Friday Evening preceeding the event. You should expect we will normally finish by noon on Mondays. (Our Old Pal signups closed Sunday, May 26, we were closed for Memorial Day, so pairings were not completed until Tuesday.)

Resolving Ties:

If we resolve ties through a scorecard playoff, we use the method recommended by the USGA:
Last 9 holes
Last 6 holes
Last 3 holes
Last hole

New Tournament Registration Process in Effect!

The TGDA has upgraded to a new online tournament platform called USGA Tournament Management powered by Golf Genius (USGA TM). As it is a new system, all TDGA Tournament Players will need to register for a new account (i.e. create new player profile and a password).

Registration instructions can be found here.

Contact Tod Burhans at (419) 262-8838 or via email at if you have questions.

The USGA and R&A announce World Golf Handicap System!

A new Handicap System will be released in 2020!

For more information, see the links below:

World Handicap System Home

Highlights of the World Handicap System.

Upcoming Events!

Date Event Location
October 4,2019 Ohio Intrastate Challenge Findlay Country Club
October 10,2019 TDGA Board of Trustees Meeting Highland Meadows Golf Club
October 16,2019 TDGA Advisory Board Meeting Sylvania Country Club
October 21-24,2019 USGA GHIN User's Meeting Far Hills, NJ
November,2019 TDGA Annual Meeting TBD

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